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Driving Cultural Relevance: Is ‘Staying Relevant’ For New Consumers A Contradiction in Terms?

Brands, advertisers and innovators often think of themselves as operating within a landscape made up…

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Driving Cultural Relevance: Translating Values Locally

Our interconnected world, in which brands need to appeal to several regions simultaneously, has made…

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Driving Cultural Relevance: Missing The Mark In New Markets

It’s an issue most brands experience: when entering a new market, there’s a fair amount…

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Driving Cultural Relevance: Owning Your Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability and mitigation of the climate crisis present a challenge to brands. In practical terms,…

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Driving Cultural Relevance: Reimagining A Core Brand Idea

Branding means reaching out of the core functionality of your category and product, to embrace…

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Starbucks vs the Cynics

One of our Directors Al Deakin takes a look at Starbucks’ latest TV spot #whatsyourname,…