The Barbie hype is not over… 🎀

Space Doctors Culture and Trends Consultant Alex Bee talked to The Stylist Group this week on the reasons behind the world’s collective frenzy in anticipation for the Barbie film’s release last Friday 👇

Barbie has taken up that space at a time when we’re craving light relief from the huge amount of unrest and instability we’re experiencing on a personal and global scale. Barbie is offering us all a moment of playful escape from a reality which for the last few years has felt like a state of ‘permacrisis’.

As a toy for children, Barbie is a way to project and imagine the future, as adults we still want to put ourselves in her world. Culture is shifting into a space that is increasingly participatory (merch, collaborations, fan fiction, VR and AR experiences) and the Barbie hype represents a pink peak in the satiation of our appetite to be part of not only a story, but a movement.

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Photo by Alex Middleton on Unsplash