We know that many of the clients we work with want to make positive transformation, but don’t know how to transition. Time constraints and incentive to demonstrate immediate impact are barriers to systemic positive transformation. We recognize we are all on a journey to ‘doing better,’ we are not all there, but the ‘intention’ to do better is key.

At Space Doctors, we encourage clients to consider their business as part of the wider system in which it exists, from people and communities, to brand values, supply chains and strategy. A positive transformation is a deeper realisation of the agency and influence every one of us have in doing the next best thing towards creating a better shared future for us and the planet we rely on.

Our semiotic and cultural analysis as part of our Do What Matters Report 2024 created a framework to explore the meaning of positive change in culture. From this, we defined 4 dimensions of positive transformation, which address the tensions of the landscape and the types of change that are taking place. For each dimension, we found two codes that look into the visual and verbal cues of the way brands are expressing this positive change.

You can read the full version of the What Matters Report – including the codes of positive transformation – for 2024 HERE, where we worked with Human8 to create a shared understanding of how people, brands and businesses are manifesting positive transformations in different ways today and in the future.

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